Archaeological collection

One of the most distinctive features of Balcón de Córdoba lies in the collection formed by over a hundred archaeological items placed throughout the hotel for our guests’ delight.

We are grateful to the Department of Archaeology, Culture Office, Junta de Andalucía, and to the City Council of Córdoba, for their counselling in the restoration and preservation of the pieces.


Placed in a two-storey, towered XVIIth century building in the historic core of Córdoba, the hotel is a fine example of the so-called Andalusian house, a fascinating melting pot where classical, Islamic and Castilian patterns mingle with traces of Flemish and other European influences. This eclectic style, truly coherent with the dramatic history of the city, is firmly rooted in Spanish medieval housing concepts, where life was always inner-focused, preserved from indiscreet glances by thick walls and delicate latticework, and open to the intimacy of corridors and courtyards. This is the background that provides El Balcón de Córdoba with a particularly luring, homey, secluded atmosphere, as a welcoming present for all travellers.

Behind the classical entrance in the main facade, guests will find three delightful, beautifully proportioned inner courtyards, filled with light and domestic peacefulness, and graciously paved with the much celebrated chino cordobés – small black & white stepping stones forming geometric and vegetal figures. Fountains couldn’t possibly be missing here, all decorated with columns and gravestones from the Iberian Muslim period, or some other carved stones of archaeological relevance.

As a multi-levelled construction, the building offers a striking number of balconies. The tiny ones contribute to the general atmosphere of intimacy, while suggestive views open from the larger ones. Here stands out the upper terrace, a real ‘Balcony over Córdoba’, with a close-up of the Mosque-Cathedral virtually within hand’s reach.